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film’n’food | dansworkshop | Ion Din Anina (SP, dj-set) | mnsr zér0 (dj-set)

Hot dance music from Southern Europe, Latin America and Africa.

Vengo’ (Tony Gatlif, 2001) is one of the best music films ever made. The story honors gypsy music from Southern Spain based on a vendetta between rivaling clans in Andalusia,  on the sharp rope between revenge, treason and breaking the vicious cycle of violence thanks to that one binding element: the passion for music, flamenco.
During the movie, biological restaurant Lekker Gec, serves food.

Right after the movie follows a dance workshop.

We continue the night with a Spanish guest DJ, who, in his home country ,represents the Balkan and tropical bass scene. Ion Din Anina is the spiritual father of ‘Las Noches de Babushka’, the dance floor in Barcelona where tradition and modernity meet. His host is dj mnsr zér0,who as resident DJ of binair 01 conjures with rhythm variations in cumbiabeats, flamenco nuevo, swinghiphop, Afrogrooves, Arabische rap or African clubzouk.

A true relief for dance adepts looking for challenges that reach further than the simple beats of superficial radio music.


Friday 31 March 2017

7:30 PM doors
8:00 PM – 9:30 PM film’n’food
9:30 PM – 10:30 PM dance workshop
10:30 PM – 3:00 AM party

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