Theatre group Binfikir wants to present the subject of ‘divorce’ on an airy way with their latest play “hooray, we are getting divorced!”, to enter into a debate with the Ghent(Turkish) audience! The tagline of Binfikir is: love has become like fastfood and divorces are trending. We get married on Twitter and get divorced on Facebook. “Hooray, we are getting divorced” is a surprising cabaretesque  in 2 acts. Binfikir is an in Brussels founded Turkish newspaper that was founded in 2004. Binfikir strives for more diversity in the medias and arts. Binfikir actively wants to bring art to the street and the street into the arts. With 2(amateur) theatre groups ( one for kids and one for the youth) Binfikir regularly produces social comedies that does not shun the criticism of the Turkish and ‘indigenous’ community in Belgium.

Direction: Erdinc Utku



Sunday 04 December 2016

Doors: 3:30 pm
Start: 4:00 pm

Tickets: € 8 (presale) | € 11
UITPAS: € 5 (presale) | € 8
UITPAS "kansentarief": € 2,20

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