Naima N’Ait-Si-Lahcen, Salvatore Lampariello & Jamal Kazza

Day after day two people try to find out who they really are or wish to be. The daily confrontation with all kinds of situations and trials takes them further and further away from their goal. A roller coaster of thoughts and feelings in a man who is scratched by life and a free-spirited lady who wants to leave everything and everyone behind but finds absolutely no way out.

The collective sheds light on a struggle that each of us carries, experiences paralysis or goes on the run. What significance the external actor or factor might have and how big the impact on the person is, in essence, 'Fleeing’ is  about universal values. With a clearly understandable cry ...
Play: Layla Onlen and Jamal Kazza Technique: Niels Sztucki

PL-ements is a creative laboratory that strives for a fusion of talents and the fusion of expertise. Originated from and constantly driven by the artistic inspiration of Jamal Kazza ... now maturing as a valuable and versatile collective




Wednesday 28 November 2018

doors 07:30 PM
show 08:00 PM

Tickets € 7 (presale) | € 10
UITPAS € 4 (presale) | € 7

UITPAS opportunity rate € 2


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