Naima N’Ait-Si-Lahcen, Salvatore Lampariello & Jamal Kazza

No imagery or expensive words. Beating about the bush, nor toing and froing, but straithforward: in plain language! That is how Naima, Salvatore and Jamal like to address each kind of audience.  
If anxiety and love for nostalgia (the "good old age") do not bring you closer to your true identity, turmoil and insecurity are very volatile concepts. How a society, with all its institutions and facilities, changes rapidly and confirms or enlarges the gap with you. When you have been scratched and bruised by life, it will colour your perspective on your future,…
Fleeing is an interplay of two characters who by a series of coincidences – their life cycle- are enormously confronted by repressed thoughts and feelings. Fleeing is not prone to someone or something; it rather emerges from a natural friction or collision amongst people. Fleeing is in its essence an aspiration for oneself.


Production: De Centrale & PL-ements
Play: Naima N’Ait-Si-Lahcen, Salvatore Lampariello & Jamal Kazza
Technique: Bert Anthonissen en Niels Sztucki
Audience: vanaf 12 jaar
Duration: 50 min
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Thanks to Telltale and Fjodor Schafranski for the images!



Thursday 23 November 2017

doors 07:30 PM
show 08:00 PM

Tickets € 7 (presale) | € 10
UITPAS € 4 (presale) | € 7

UITPAS opportunity rate € 2


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