THE ENDLESS RIVER | Africa Filmfestival

Oliver Hermanus | Zuid-Afrika/Frankijk, 2015 (110 min)
Cast: Nicolas Duvauchelle, Crystal-Donna Roberts, Clayton Evertson, Denise Newman, ...
English spoken. Dutch subtitles

Opening and introduction by Tine Heyse, alderman of Nord South to the City of Ghent.

The endless river is a moving portret of a society that is still tortured by unprocessed trauma. When the wife and children of French expat Gilles are brutally murdered, he slips away in hisby alcohol stimulated intoxication of sorrow, anger and revenge. He feels attracted to a young waitress, of whom the husband is just released out of prison. The two find consolation in each others arms but their romance does not appear to be enough to start over again. The Endless River wrote filmhistory.  It is the first South-African film that competed for the Golden Lion in Venice.

Debriefing on the movie and contemporary South-Africa (Annelies Verdoolaege - UGent) • Reception

Afrika Filmfestival Gent 3, 4 en 5 may 2017
Afrika Filmfestival Ghent is an initiative of the Afrika Platform of the Association University Ghent, in cooperation with De Centrale, Aksanté vzw, AVRUG vzw, Asteria Ronse vzw and Afrika Filmfestival Leuven


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