Music-theater | the pursuit of hapiness

Prince Habbat is a handsome boy. He is so handsome, that his stepmom , who is torn by jealousy, want to get rid of him. Sounds a bit Snowhity, but not quite- because instead of seven dwarfs, prince Habbat meets seven doves. They take him to an enchanted castle on the edge of the sea, where he grows up to be an irresistible cool hero. But the danger has not gone away yet.

Prince Habat and the light castle is a show in which the search for happiness is centralized. Fairy tale poetry and dance, an exciting story, live- music by the musical centipede Bert Bernaerts and classical flute player Sarah Vermeyen- and all this in a direction of Femke Heijens, know of the obstinate ensemble Eisbär.
After Lounja en de Tseriel the sprookjesweverij again produces music theater based on the oral tradition of the Berbers. Not on an old fashioned way, but clearly and radically contemporary.  They adapt and modernize the stories and use them as clay for dynamic, contemporary music theater shows.

"De sprookjesweverij" was founded in 2013 by Yamina Takkatz en musician/ composer Han Stubbe. Starting point is the fascination of actrice and theater maker Yamina Takkatz for the Berber fairy tales from her country of origin ( the Algerian Kabylia) and her belief in the necessity to give the Maghrebinian heritage a positive place in the cultural experience of today’s children.

A show of De Sprookjesweverij, direction Yamina Takkatz & Femke Heijens; text: Han Stubbe; composition: Bert Bernaerts; play: Sarah Vermeyen, Tegest Pecht Guido Yamina Takkatz & Bert Bernaerts; settings, light & costume: Sibren Hanssens.



Wednesday 07 December 2016

doors 14u00
start 14u30
duration 50’
age 7+


Tickets: € 5 (presale) | € 8
UITPAS: € 2 (presale) | € 5
UITPAS social: € 1,60

-18y= € 2 (always)

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