KunstZ & Aïcha Cissé

Prêt-à-Aimer’ is a show by Aïcha Cissé with funny and sad anecdotes. A  pleasantly disturbed look at love. Aïcha tries to unravel the universal longing for love. With semi-autobiogrophic elements and a meelting pot of testimonies she raises a tip of the veil. Aïcha Cissé (° Senegal)  could bes een before in the successfull ‘ dis-moi wie ik ben’, a production of ’t Arsenaal & GEN2020 . Additionally she also played in Scarlatti’, a production of  Frans Marijnen for ’t Arsenaal, and  in ‘Konijn met pruimen’ by Laika en Het Bos, in a direction by  Jo Roets.
Concept and play: Aïcha Cissé
Coach and dramaturgie: Nele Vereecken
Scenografie and  light design: Steven Brys
Foto affiche en scènebeelden: Victoriano Moreno
Productie: kunstZ



Tuesday 22 January 2019

doors 19:30
show 20:00

School shows (for 2nd en 3rd grade SE) at 14:00

Tickets: € 11 (presale) | € 14
UITPAS: € 8 (presale) | € 11
UITPAS opportunity rate: € 2,80

school show = € 4,00 // reservation via cedric.debock@gent.be 


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