HOSTED BY Maud Van Hauwaert

'Nuff Said. World in movement. For 10 years stage full of city. Between mainstream and underground,full of young talent and international names. With each month a pack of quality. . Be it comedy, literature, music, spoken word,... Each time carefully wrapped by the jungle hazers of BRZZVLL and chef d'orchestre  Maud Van Hauwaert .  Wallow in this great tub of talent,…


MAYSOON ZAYID is a Palestinian-American actrice , writer and comedian. Since birth she suffers from cerebral palsy. Despite her handicap she has kept fighting to realize her dream. And thus she was a headliner on the Arabs Gone Wild Comedy Tour and The Muslims Are Coming Tour and she could also be seen alongside Adam Sandler in the film  You Don’t Mess with the Zohan. In 2014 she was the most watched TED talk of the year and 1 year later BBC declared her as 1 of thé 100 women of 2015. Maysoon’s stand-up comedy is honnest, touching, but specially hilarious.

EL MORABBA3 (JOR/PAL) transforms the vibes of Amman into attractive and  whirling rock. The group sings about the frustrations that living in a capital brings along, about the hopelessness of the world that surrounds them, but also about their determination to change things. The band consists of singer / bassist Muhammad Abdullah, guitarist Odai Shawagfeh and drummer Dirar Shawagfeh.

PEDRO ELIAS is a Belgian television presenter, editor and writer. In 2014 he debuted with the short story 'Van den Hond'. 'Van den hond' is a humorous but especially melancholy walk of two grumbling souls through an allotment of which you would hope to live there after reading this book. Pedro is currently working on his second book.

RAYEN PANDAY (NL) is een multitalent: hij is stand-up comedian, sings, plays the piano and combines this all in his shows. Even outside the borders of the Netherlands his show is a success because his humor is universal. "Rayen is an all-round comedian for me. Sharp moves, pure tones but especially tough jokes. "- Jandino Aspiraat

LINDAH NYIRENDA has been performing as a spoken word artist for two years. She became spokeswoman for Ghent's poetry collective 'De Wolven van La Mancha' with whom she makes radio programs for Urgent FM. She is currently working as a guide at the VRT and following an internship at Radio 2 Oost-Vlaanderen.

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Thursday 30 November 2017

doors 07:30 PM
concert 08:00 PM

Tickets € 11 (presale) | € 14
UITPAS € 8 (presale) | € 11
UITPAS (opportunity rate)  € 2,80


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