My Grandfathers People/Dedemin İnsanları (İstanbul Ekspres)

A film by Çağan Irmak (2011)

In the picturesque city of Izmir lives the little Ozan. He has Greek roots, which his Turkish friends tease him with. This hurts Ozans grandfather Mehmet very much. He often thinks back on his Greek home, that he was forced to leave. Mehmet tries to keep his memories alive with his grandson.  He does so with innumerous stories and messages in a bottle.

In My Grandfathers People the Turkish director Çağan Irmak tells the spectacular transformation of a family and their country. The film is about what it means to be ‘the other’ , to be a stranger in your own country. But also about the power to feel at home everywhere, wherever you are.

Directed by Çağan Irmak | 2011 | 120 min | English subtitled (Turkish spoken)


Tuesday 15 November 2016

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