Two women on the run

One hundred years ago the Netherlands received the first big wave of refugees: the Belgians. The Dutch women competed in the best care for the Belgian refugees. But rather quickly this kindliness turned into irritation. The Belgians were lazy, made a lot of noise, were with too many and took away the jobs of young Dutch men that were mobilized for the war.
Marieke Marieke – after the novel”vlucht” by Johanna Spaey – tells the story of Marieke and Sybille.One migrates from Belgium to the Netherlands, the other from The Netherlands to Belgium.
Actresses Kaltoum Boufangacha and Aminata Demba play in Marieke Marieke the battle of these two women against the background of the current migration story. What does migration mean and how are we dealing with it?? How did we do that 100 years ago and how are we dealing with it now??
Migrants are still being problematized in the political discours.They still get the assignment to integrate in our ‘society’. But is this really logical?? Shouldn’t we all have to integrate in an intercultural society that we for together, from the natural desire to meet each other??

direction and text/editing Leen Braspenning
after the book Vlucht van Johanna Spaey
play Kaltoum Boufangacha & Aminata Demba
dramaturgy Cecile Brommer
research Merel van Lieshout
producers BRASART en Het Zuidelijk Toneel i.s.m. t,arsenaal mechelen/GEN2020 with thanks to Het Gevolg and the Ronde Tafelhuis




Thursday 09 February 2017

doors 7:30 PM
start concert 8:00 PM

Tickets € 7 (presale) | € 10
UITPAS € 4 (presale) | € 7
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