Nhung Dam - Duizend vaders

In the season 2017-18 Boekhandel Limerick, Victoria Deluxe and De Centrale team up again . Under the denominator La Lettre A we organize 4 literary evenings focusing on an author with a migratory background, who presents and discusses his/her book.
Following the success of our first season, as of the fall we are having a sequel  to our literary evenings of La Lettre A.

Nhung Dam (1984)after completing her studies in psychology went to the Drama school in Amsterdam. She is an actress and theater maker. She wrote several plays that were translated into German and English.

Thousand Fathers
In a remote village at the edge of the world, a Vietnamese family tries to survive. As boat refugees, they were fished out of the water by a northern freighter and placed in an unknown ice-cold country. If the father leaves unannounced one day, the Chinese mafia is  on the skin of the remaining family. The eleven-year-old daughter gets stifled between her mother's total despair and the madness of the environment of strangers. All she has in a world of whores, toothpaste merchants and gambling addicts is her rich imagination.


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