Erhan Demirci

My Belgium - Between fries and kebab

Stand-up comedian Erhan Demirci often asks himself what makes him Turk or Belgian. What are the things he inherited from his parents and what did he take over from his friends?? What seems like an easy question, is not always obvious to answer. To do this Erhan Demirci traveled the same road as his family,who came from Turkey to Belgium 50 years ago. He talks about the village where his grandparents lived and about the journey he made and of which he keeps beautiful, sometimes funny, sometimes emotional, sometimes nostalgic stories. With this performance he wants the young audience to get to know a Turkish Fleming in the year 2016 on a breezy, but especially realistic way.



Wednesday 09 March 2016

Doors: 2:00 pm
Start show: 2:30 pm

(schoolshows at 10:00 am for the 2nd en 3th grade S.E.)

Tickets: €5 (presale) | €8
UITPAS: €2 (presale) | €5
UITPAS "kansentarief": €1,60

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