Together for Love and Peace among Our Children

The Askar Social Development Center in Nablus, Palestine, is pleased to announce that the "Masha'el Falesteen" collective is getting ready for a cultural tour in several European cities. The troupe will present its traditional Palestinian dance show "Together for Love and Peace among Our Children" in Belgium, France and Spain.
Our group consists of fifteen people including twelve dancers (boys and girls between twelve and sixteen years old) and three adults. The tour will begin on January 15th, 2020 in Brussels, stop in France from the 19th to the 28th, before ending on the 1st of February in Barcelona.
The dabkah (Arabic: دبکة , "kick") is a type of folk dance known in the Levant, with several regional versions. Dancers hold hands in line and hit the floor strongly. It is most of the time danced in weddings, banquets and occasional parties.
Our 45-minute show is a moment of discovery and sharing. We deliver 5 5-minute dances with a 10-minute intermission. Our traditional music will punctuate our colorful costumes to give you a glimpse of the joyful Palestinian culture.



Saturday 18 January 2020

doors 7:30 PM
start 8:00 PM

Tickets € 7 (presale) | € 10
UITPAS € 4 (presale) | € 7
UITPAS opportunity rate € 2


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