What if people do not speak each other’s language?

“A story on how a silent man full of stories and a chatterbox without stories suddenly meet face to face, totally accidentally and unexpected. And thus emerges totally accidentally and unexpected a new story. A fairy tale on kings and queens, on silent people and talkers, about language and non-language. And about a bird that sings more lovely than it is beaked…”

‘Babelette’ is about a theme that we know from the Biblical story from the Tower of Babel. What if people do not speak each other’s language? Do not understand each other? On how confusion can turn into surprise. And surprise amazement. On how unexpected encounters create new stories.

A toddler show by and with Aagje Dom, Greet Garriau and Rudy Cleemput.

'Babelette' is, after 'De Zee van Andersen' en 'Veel Vijvers & Prinsessen' the third show of this creative trio.



Wednesday 30 November 2016

doors 14:00
start 14:30
duration: 50 minutes
Toddler show (age 4+)

Tickets € 5 (presale) | € 8
UITPAS € 2 (presale) | € 5
UITPAS (social) € 1,60
-18j.= € 2

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