AFRIKA FILMFESTIVAL - The train of salt and sugar

Mon Identité / The train of salt and sugar

Mon Identité

Mon Identité, 2017, Senegal/Burundi, 20 min.
Direction: Diane Kaneza
Cast: -
Language: French subtitels

the train of salt and sugar

The train of salt and sugar, 2017, Mozambique, 93 min.
Direction: Licinio Azevedo
Cast: Melanie de Vales Rafael, Thiago Justino, Matamba Joaquim, Antonio Nipita, ...
Language: English subtitels
1989, Mozambique is in the middle of a civil war. A single train connects Nampula with Malawi. Although it is forbidden, hundreds of civilians risk their lives and undertake the journey along the 700 kilometer long and sabotaged track. Their only hope for an income, a better life, ... Rosa, a young nurse, is on her way to her first job. Her friend Mariamu hopes to exchange salt for sugar. The soldiers on board, who have to protect the passengers against the attacks of the rebels, are not always to be trusted. Slowly the train keeps going to the next stop, while stories of love and war unfold. A magical journey aboard an African train with hundreds of unknown heroes.


"Mozambique: donor darling or economic wonder?"


Co-org. De Centrale, Afrika Platform AUGent, Senegal Bantamba vzw, vzw Women Up, S-eau-S Sahel vzw, AFAM vzw (Association des Femmes Africaines Motivées) & Afrika Filmfestival Leuven



Thursday 21 March 2019

doors 19:30
start 20:00

Tickets € 6 (presale) | € 9
UITPAS € 3 (presale) | € 6
UITPAS (opportunity rate)  € 1,80


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