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Une place dans l’avion / Yao

Une place dans l’avion

Une place dans l’avion, 2016, Senegal, 16 min.
Regie: Khadidiatou Sow
Cast: -
Language: English subtitels


Belgian Premiere!
Yao, 2018, France/Senegal, 103 min.
Direction: Philippe Godeau
Cast: Omar Sy, Lionel Louis Basse, Fatoumata Diawara, ...
Language: Dutch subtitels
The 13 year old boy, Yao, who lives in a villas in the North of Senegal, dreams about meeting his big hero, the famous French actor Seydou Tall. When Seydou travels to Dakar to promote his new book, he comes to his land of origin for the first time. To fulfill his dream, the young yao  undertakes a journey of 387 km to the capital on his own. Impressed of yhis child, the actor decides to escape his obligations and accompany yao home.

Co-org. De Centrale, Afrika Platform AUGent, Senegal Bantamba vzw, vzw Women Up, S-eau-S Sahel vzw, AFAM vzw (Association des Femmes Africaines Motivées) & Afrika Filmfestival Leuven



Wednesday 20 March 2019

doors 19:30
Start 20:00
+ Opening Festival by Sami Souguir (Alderman of Culture)

Tickets € 6 (presale) | € 9
UITPAS € 3 (presale) | € 6
UITPAS (opportunity rate)  € 1,80


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