A PEINE J’OUVRE LES YEUX | Africa Filmfestival

Leyla Bouzid | België/Frankrijk/Tunesië, 2015 (102 min)
Cast: Baya Medhaffer, Ghalia Benali, Montassar Ayari, ...
Arabic/French spoken. Dutch subtitles

Tunis in the summer of 2010, a few months before the Tunesian revolution breaks loose against the dictatorial policy of president Ben Ali. The 18-year old Farah just obtained her high school degree. Her parents are convinced Farah will be studying medicine. But Farah thinks differently. Her big passion is singing, and she sings in a politically oriented rock band. Together with the band members she wants to lead a free life, get drunk, discover love and enjoy night life.  Much to the concern of her mother Hayet, once rebellious too. Hayet knows the dangers of the Tunesian political world ever too good…
The film won several prizes, including the audience prize on the Festival  of Venice and the prize for best debut on the Festival of Namur.

Africa Filmfestival Ghent 3, 4 & 5 may 2017
Africa Filmfestival Ghent is an initiative of the Africa Platform of the Association University Ghent, in cooperation with De Centrale, Aksanté vzw, AVRUG vzw, Asteria Ronse vzw and Africa Filmfestival (Leuven).



Friday 05 May 2017

8:00 PM Film
(Concert Abir Nasraoui at 10:00 PM)

Only Film
€ 6 (advance) - € 9 (door)
UITPAS € 3 (advance) - € 6 (door)
UITPAS opportunity rate: € 1,80

Combi Film + Concert
€ 13 (advance) - € 16 (door)
UITPAS € 10 (advance) -  € 13 (door)
UITPAS opportunity rate: € 3,20

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