Accoustic confessions from Turkey

Zeyli Neyli is a group from Lille and consists of Civan Gürel (vocals), Gaspard Deloison ud, setar, fretless guitar), Nicolas Douchez (percussion) and Margaux Liénard (violin & Irish bouzouki). Since the foundation of the group, the music of Civan’s birthland has been the main source of inspiration. The repertory of the group is varied and eclectic: going from the song ‘Hülya’, a “hit” from the famous singer ‘Ibrahim Tatlises’ over dance music from the North of Turkey to semaiin nihavend mode by Mesut Cemil. The interpretation is original and inventif. That way the Irish Bouzouki replaces the traditional baǧlama in the song Keklik idim vurdular’ by the big Turkish  troubadour Aşik Veysel. The musical universe of Zeyli Neyli goes from the hearttearing intensive sining from the Anatolian countryside to the vivid rhythms of the Black Sea. All of this is seasoned with the necessary improvisation of the moment.


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