XENITIA ft. Katerina Fotinaki *

A duo concert (documentary-concert) on migration

Europe has been  experiencing an unprecedented migration flux since the second world war, making the ancient Greek idea of xenitia more current than ever.

Harpist Andrea Voets and the two Greek musicians Katerina Fotinaki (vocals and guitar) and Evi Filippou (percussion) take us with Xenitia on a musical road trip in the footsteps of Greek migrants. The trio follows the latest wave of Greek migrants across Europe. In doing so, they focus on feelings of loss and nostalgia, on the almost desperate search for a new home.(More) ancient  Greek xenitia songs have been updated and are brought in a modern contemporary style.

In this still current music performance, music and interviews are combined in one documentary narrative. At the moment, Greece is experiencing its third exodus in 100 years, caused by a financial crisis that has a greater negative impact on the country than the Great Depression in the US in the 1930s. Since 2008, 1 in 50 Greeks has (had to) leave their homeland. The Greek term 'Xenitia' stands for the mix of homesickness, nostalgia, frustration and missing your loved ones, both at home and those who have left.

Together with documentary filmmaker Fabio Dondero and journalist Chiara Somajni, the musicians interviewed eighteen Greeks who had to leave their country because of the crisis. They tell their moving stories, with in the foreground equally catchy new interpretations of often very old Xenitia songs.

The music, the words, the opinions and the tears merge into one fascinating whole. Xenitia is a unique experience that you should not miss!

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Thursday 17 May 2018

doors 7:30 PM
concert 8:00 PM

Tickets: € 17 (presale) | € 20
UITPAS: € 14 (presale) | € 17

UITPAS opportunity rate: € 4,00

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