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Trio Telli ♡ Café Türk Online

concert & chat from Matrix (Rotterdam)

Songs of Anatolian troubadours

This special trio presents a program of songs by renowned Anatolian troubadours. Over the centuries these "aşiks" have meant a lot to folk music in Turkey. Thanks to the talent of Trio Telli, we can once again enjoy the repertoire of Aşık Mahsuni, Aşık Veysel, Aşık Daimi and Davut Sulari, among others. And via the chat function the artists are only too happy to give an extra word of explanation about the theme ... so it will actually be an educational concert for the added value seekers among us!

Ulaş Yealid (kopuz, cura)
Göksel Yılmaz (bağlama)
Yaşar Saka (bass bağlama).

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