TRIO PIMENTON ft. Peyo Lissarrargue

Musica Latina de Gante

Trio Pimenton is a ‘spicy trio’that has only just been founded and who focusses on the bringing of latin-music in all its diversity both Caribean( Son, rumba, cumbia, …), Brazilian(Samba, bossa, chorro,, …) as South –American in general. Trio Pimenton consist of : Elise De Vliegher (vocals and percussion):dance teacher, actrice and remarkable member of La Guardia Flamenca; Philip Duerinck (guitar):guitar teacher, composer and except classical musician and talented jazz musician and Carl Op de Beeck (cuatro puertorriqueño, tres cubano and guitar): multi-instrumentalist who during many years provided the musical framing in Hogar Español in Ghent . And for the occasion Trio Pimenton brings a 4th man. Percussion player Peyo Lissarrargue enhances the company . Sometimes romantic, often spicy and swinging music, with beautiful vocals and authentic instrumentation…


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