THE JOURNEY WEST “A Migration of Melody” starts its journey in the Middle east , travels through East- and Western- Europe, and arrives in the United States.
War, imperialism, massive migration…. And musical fads are just some inspirational sources of this music project. The group  “samples” both (dance)music from Egypt, Greece and Turkey, (Gypsy) music from Rumania, Moldavia and France, as music with roots in the Celtic tradition.

THE JOURNEY WEST includes Chad Lieberman (accordion and bas), the from Teheran original Dara Anissi (oed and guitar), Mark Wienand (sax, flute, clarinet and pennywhistle) and Max Buckholtz (violist and travel guide of the group).

THE JOURNEY WEST “A Migration of Melody” was founded at the  Cornell University of Ithaca ( in the state of New York in the US.) and tells on an original and exciting way the story of a musical migration from East to West. In De Centrale, the group is enhanced by the from Damascus originated guest musician – percussionist Firas Hassan(doumbek, riqq en daf), who, like many of his countrymen, fled for the violence of the war.

Max Buckholtz: viool
Mark Wienand: sax, fluit, klarinet en pennywhistle
Dara Anissi: gitaar en oed
Chad Lieberman: bas en accordeon
Firas Hassan : doumbek, riqq en daf


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