3gentlemen of standing, with strings & things

Wouter Vandenabeele and Thomas Noël met for the first time in the dark 90s as members of an underground folk group with which they make the nightlife of Ghent and Aalst unsafe for a while. Their musical paths split but in 2014 they meet again. The hunger to work together is great and they stumble from one project into the other. They collaborate with Turkish singer Özge Öz Erdoğan as part of the Yolda project of De Centrale and the Handelsbeurs (Istanbul Ekspres 2014), in Ramallah they play with Palestinian musicians (The City's Song) and they tour with the South African singer Stella Khumalo. In the latter event, they pull the Wase guitarist Jeroen Knapen on board ... The Chai Connection is born. Tonight, in addition to the usual tapas and pasta, sentimental waltzes, bluesy grooves, oriental tunes and Sephardic music are also on the menu.
The Crew:
Thomas Noël: piano, Fender Rhodes, string & things, voice
Wouter Vandenabeele: violin, mandolin
Jeroen Knapen: guitars, voice


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