Musica mestiça from Lisbon

If you think that the soundtrack of Lisbon only exists of Fado, you have probably not been in the Portuguese capital for a while. Terrakota is one of the most important young bands from the musica mestiça scene. Under the influence of  the cultural diversity in Lisbon, they bring a mix of sounds from the former Portuguese colonies Angola, Cape Verde, Brasil and Mozambique, combined with everything what makes the Western world so exiting . The band already exists since 19999, but their real breakthrough only came in 2007 with the album “Oba Train” and on their album “World Massala” from 2010 , only then they really got mature. Their mix of   mbalax, funana, samba, reggae, Afro-Cuba, gnawa, afrobeat, desert blues, batuque, flamenco, maracatu, rap and chimurenga effortlessly sets every stage on fire.
Terrakota was already on different renowned Belgian stages, festivals (Sfinks, Polé Polé en Dranouter) and different music clubs. In the spring of 2016  terrakota releases a new album. In De Centrale a first tip of the iceberg is shown live.
For  #ElektrikBazaar De Centrale gives one of  the best ambassadors of the multicultural Lisbon  a stage. Be sure that there will be robust partying- partly due to the contribution of  Brussels dj Mukambo!!



Thursday 10 March 2016

Doors: 7:30 pm
Start concert: 8:00 pm

Tickets: € 13 (presale) | € 16
UITPAS: € 10 (presale) | € 13
UITPAS kansentarief: € 3,20

#ElektrikBazaar: -26y. = € 10

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