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Süheyla & Blues Of Rumeli ♡ Café Türk Online

concert & chat from KIRKLARELİ (Turkey)

aka Rumeli Night

A musical (albeit digital) party from Kırklareli in Thrace (the European side of Turkey), with Süheyla and her Rumeli Band! They perform typical music from Turkish Thrace and the Balkans, where the infectious melodies and exciting rhythms will undoubtedly make everyone dance ... even if it is in their own living room, in anticipation of better times.

Süheyla & Blues Of Rumeli: Süheyla Solak - vocals, Yaşar Çakırlar - clarinet, Erdem Dalkıran - percussion, Özgür Çakırlar - percussion, Ümit Adakale - percussion (darboeka & davul), Tezer Pekçeer - electric guitar - Günerguitar - electric guitar - Günerguitar percussion (darboeka & davul), Özcan Yanardağ (keyboard)



Saturday 13 February 2021

8:00 pm

Free with reservation


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