Seasons finale

Each month “neighbour” Steven De bruyn  invites in ENTR a musical soulmate,  he wants to get to know or met before ( and wants to meet again) for a musical encounter. Passionate musicians and songwriters from all the corners of the world and washed up touring musicians on their day off. Just like the open kitchen in ENTR takes your tastebuds on a journey to the world, there will be travelling with your eyes closed and your ears open.
Let yourself be towed for the last time this season for this grooving trip around the world!
Guest of service this time is none other than qanoen player Osama Abdulrasol. ENTR closes its concert season with this duo. We are back on September 11 with THE SUNSET BUNCH ...
But who knows, we might get to know a few new MUSIC SELECTORS ... during the GENTSE FEESTEN.



Tuesday 29 May 2018

8:00 PM

Free entrance

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