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Each month “neighbour” Steven De bruyn  invites in ENTR a musical soulmate,  he wants to get to know or met before ( and wants to meet again) for a musical encounter. Passionate musicians and songwriters from all the corners of the world and washed up touring musicians on their day off. Just like the open kitchen in ENTR takes your tastebuds on a journey to the world, there will be travelling with your eyes closed and your ears open.
Steven De bruyn is a passionate Belgian harmonica player. Mid 90’s he started to perform first as companion of  blues singer Roland, with whom he would continue to cooperate the rest of his career. In 1996 De Bruyn founded the blues rock group El Fish , who won a ZAMUaward in 1998 for "best live-act", and (with Roland) in 2001 a prize in the category "best roots". After the disintegration of El Fish, he founded ,in 2003, the Rhythm Junks. In 2015 he founded the duo Stevo & Derek (of Derek & the Dirt).
Tsubasa Hori is a Japanese Taiko drumer. She was born in Kyoto and started playing taiko drum when she was 11. She studied Western percussion and music theory at the Kyoto Horikawa Senior High School of Music. During her high school studies she was also a drummer in a rockband . After 14 years of making the ends meet as a taiko drummer in the popular taiko drum band Kudo, she moved to Antwerp. From her new base she cooperates in numerous cooperation projects wuith artists from different genres. For her own music however she specially seeks inspiration in the Classical Japanese music tradition.



Tuesday 14 March 2017

08:30 - 10:00 PM

Free Entrance

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