Steven de bruyn invites a musical soulmate

Each month, our neighbour Steven De Bruyn invites in ENTR a musical soulmate he wants to get to know or has met before (and wants to meet again) for a musisical exchange. Just like the open kitchen of ENTR conjures the world to your tastebuds, you will be travelling with your eyes closed and your ears open.
Ruben Focketyn is a singer-songwriter who wrote songs before under ‘Nevada Fellow’. He started playing guitar at 14 with albums of amongst others Chris Whitley, Mark Lanegan and Elliot Smith spread all over his desk.
He won de kunstbende, Kamp Noord, and ended as a semifinalist in Humo’s Rock Rally. He played the supporting program to Absynth Minded, The Rythm Junks, Amy Macdonald. He himself was part of Helmut Lotti & Roland’s Super All Star Enlightening Music Machine and went on tour with Bruno Van Den Broecke & De Bretellen.  He released his first EP ‘The Man Inside The Bowl’ (2015) under Nevada Fellow (Label: Simpletone).  Afterwards he released the EP ‘Fresh Dust, Part I’ (2017) & het full album ‘Alpine Tundra’ (2017) under his own name.
Steven met Ruben as a 16-year old when the latter was playing the supporting act to his own Rhythm Junks and the Junks were very impressed of the boys song writings talents.
Steven recently played on Rubens new album and is really exited to bring those songs live as well.


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