Steven De bruyn invites ...

Every month neighbour Steven De bruyn invites in ENTR a musical soul mate , he wants to get to know or he met before (and wants to see again), for a musical exchange.
Passionate musicians and songwriters from all corners of the world and washed up touring musicians on their day off.
Just like the open kitchen in ENTR conjures your tastebudds to the world, there will be travelling with your eyes closed and your ears open! Let yourself be taken in tow for this grooving trip around the world!
Steven De bruyn is a passionate harmonica player . Mid ‘90’s he started performing, first as guide of blues singer Roland, with whom he would continue to cooperate for the rest of his career. In 1996 De bruyn founded the blues rock group ‘El fish’, who won a ZAMU award in 1998 for “ best live-act”, and ( with Roland) he won a prize in 2001 in the category “best roots”. After the disintegration of El Fish in 2003 he founded The Rhythm Junks. In 2015 he formed the duo Stevo & Derek (of Derek & the Dirt).

Pieter-Jan De Smet was once a celebrated actor on Belgian TV and frontman of the band called after him PJDS. However, he preferred to continue to  follow the path of rock-n-roll, which he had already started at twelve years of age. That path led Pieter-Jan through a whole range of musical worlds and molded him into the multi-talent that he is today.


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