Slam Aleikum . Theaterfestival 22

Slam poetry . Live music . Stand-up comedy . Open mic . Live art . DJ

Slam Aleikum is an inclusive platform for word art in all its forms: Spoken Word, Slam Poetry, Storytelling, Comedy and Rap.  During a Slam Aleikum evening, word artists reflect critically on society based on their own vulnerability.

Host Hind Eljadid and DJ Selay mix it all together. VJ Hamza Abu Ayyash provides the visuals via calligraffiti projection and sign language interpreter Kristien Desmettre, who specializes in artistic sign language, translates the word artists. Everyone is welcome to take the stage during the Open Mic.

Registration for the Open Mic takes place during the evening itself.

Slam Aleikum is a concept of Voem vzw & Hind Eljadid

In collaboration with De Centrale, Vermeylenfonds & Victoria Deluxe. With the support of Cultuur.Gent

This edition is part of the program of the Theater Festival 2022

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