Young musical talent from Teheran

Sarvsetah Ensemble

Sarvsetah Ensemble consists of talented young musicians from Tehran.  The name refers to both a traditional melody as the cypress, that often gets a metaphorical meaning in Iranian poetry. The group draws from the enormous wealth of the Iranian universal heritage. The Persian traditional tradition as the regional styles and genres get endless possibilities to work creatively. Sarvsetah Ensemble enables through modes, melodies, rhythms and metra from the various traditions in instrumental and vocal music to connect with a selection of Persian classical and contemporary poems. The subjects and themes of this poetry are set with historical and contemporary musical ideas. New compositions by the musicians and songs by Aref Qazvini (1882-1934) and Ali-Akbar Sheyda (1843-1906) alternate with traditional improvisations according to the rules of the art of classical music. The Sarvsetah Ensemble tries to create new atmospheres, and wants to bring the rich potential that is in Iranian music to innovation.

Isar Javar (Tombak, Dayereh, Daf), Sahar Kalati Dastjerdi (Tar), Mazdak Lameeiharavani (Kamanche), Masoud Paad (Oud), Sohrab Sepehri (vocals)
Molana (Rumi) (13th century), Hafez Shirazi (14th century), Sayeh (Houshang Ebtehaj) (1928), Fereydoun Moshiri (1927-2000)

(Text: Sohrab Jabri & Liselotte Sels)

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• 22/02 Me la Amargates Tu

04|03 Oyalı Yazma

• 10|03 The Big Folk ‘n’ Irish Night #03

• 16|03 Maria Simoglou Ensemble (rebetiko)
22|03 100 jaar Impressies van Spanje (F.G. Lorca);
• 05|04 Duarte (fado);

• 21|04 AFF Film (Les hommes d’argile) + concert Sanaa Marahati
• 25|04 Sarvsetah Ensemble (Iran)
• 27|04 Marc Hauman & Groep /// WÖR
• 29|04 Seksendört
• 30|04 Grup Tını
• 17|05 Xenitia (ft. Katerina Fotinaki)

BEWARE : *MIX-SEASONAL TICKETS only available at the desk of  UITBUREAU or telephonically at 09 233 77 88


Wednesday 25 April 2018

doors 7:30 PM
concert 8:00 PM

Tickets € 15 (presale) | € 18
UITPAS € 12 (presale) | € 15
UITPAS (opportunity rate)  € 3,60


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