Sara Salvérius & Edwin Vanvinckenroye

SANO ... the fine sound of acoustic instruments and voice.
Minimalistic, repetitive music with a strong melody and rich harmony. SANO awakens wonder and brings the audience in different moods ... from gentle melancholy to dynamic joy ...
Accordionist Sara Salvérius graduated from the Ghent Conservatory a few years ago with Philippe Thuriot. With Wouter Vandenabeele, she has formed a duo for many years, with whom she has already performed a lot at home and abroad.
Singer / violinist Edwin Vanvinckenroye grew up in a musical family and loves an artisanal crossover approach. 'All-in-one': voice, violins (bratch, fiddle, viola), melody, rhythm and a performance in an unusual combination. For Edwin, the new developments take place at the crossroads where various musical genres and art forms come together. Edwin is a born improviser, who feels like a fish in the water , both in the alternative pop-, ambience-, folk-, and world music middles.


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