SADIG & LUIZ "Reunión" (+ mistery guest)

a more than exceptional musical reunion

Luiz Marquez is first and foremost a jazz musician who performs almost all genres and has been making records for more than 30 years under his own name and under that of Mezcal, his ethno-jazz group, named after a drink, related to tequila.  Luiz specialized in the soprano saxophone, but - in addition to mouth harmonica - plays a whole regiment of other old and less old flutes, ocarina's, etc. ...
Oedplayer Sadig Shiakh Eldin El Gibril (Sadig for the friends) has played in various formations and has been teaching at De Centrale since the mid 90s. He has worked together with Mezcal (by Luiz) and the acclaimed company for early music Zefiro Torna. He also has his own Trio and during the first Ghent UD FESTIVAL he also put his musical hands together with brother Wafir S. Gibril.
Sadig and Luiz have been good friends for years and sometimes play together when time permits. Nice that they also wanted to visit ENTR for a special musical reunion ....


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