Ten Gipsy Devil's, Bulgari Ekspres, Familia Gitano, ...

The Roma (Nation) Day (8 april) is de international holliday of the Roma that was implemented during the first Roma Worldcongress in 1971 in London. Today this holliday is celebrated by Roma throughout the entire world.. The Roma (Nation) day is beside the Romaflag and the Romahymn( Djelem Djelem) thé symbol par excellence of the Romanation. This day is being seized  to demand recognition for the individuality and identity as a people. On the occasion of this day De Centrale annually organizes an atmospheric Romaday in collaboration with different partners.
With this year on the programme a.o: o.v. Ten Gipsy Devil’s( a group of  Czechoslovakian guitarists), Bulgari Ekspres(ft. Pesho Elmasov), Familia Gitano and many others…in short a marvellous feast for young and old.


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