Oriëntal Express

Nomad music, sensual, melancolic, but yet often joyfull _ with a repertory that is inspired on the Russian-Armenian cultural background of Nara Noïan.  This project originated from the fantasy of  Nara Noïan, a French-Armenian artist who was born in Yerevan as Anna-Naïra Pavlovna Mnoian.  Right before the fall of the Sovjet Union she migrated to France in 1990.

Nara Noïan’s Trio brings the tragicomical story of a woman who is always on the move, a nomad, who is confronted with all sorts of misery in her life. Yet she succeeds to overcome her setbacks thanks to her positive attitude.  Nara Noïan uses her musical roots to link languages and cultures from East and West.  Live she is assisted by 2 class musicians, dukduk player Vardan Hovanissan and  guitarist Tigran Ter-Stepanian.  Music from here, music from there, music from exile, music from the heart. So, not just an ordinary café concert! Nara Noïan already released several albums, including Oriental Express (2011), Promesses (2013), Shadow & Lights (2014) en les Regrets Inutiles (2015).

Nara Noïan vocals & piano
Vardan Hovanissan duduk, shvi & clarinet
Tigran Ter-Stepanian guitar


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