quirky story telling afro-blues- raggae in multiple languages

What are the vuelas and morns that we give our children? A slip of the tongue for values and norms on a drunken night. The birth of a music group that focusses on a positive message and serves itself of many influences including reggae and blues, …A group in which the different languages are used as an instrument. From soft and moving Dutch over rhytmic shuffling Peul and French to energetic and joyfull English.An ecclectic mix of instruments and voices that touch your heart and move your body and soul. Bonjour, are you feeling ‘ierie?
The fixed bandmembers are Amadou Fadel Ba (guitar & vocals), An Schelfhout (vocals, piano, dwarsfluit & melodica), Kristof Campens (contrabas), Jan Haegeman (story teller), Ignace Parmentier (guitar & vocals), occasionally supplemented with Bram Coupé (percussion) and Tom Coesens (bass guitar).


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