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Contemporary Modal music of the Eastern Mediterranean


The distinguished violinist and composer Michalis Kouloumis will present music from his most recent album “Displaced Dreams” as well as new compositions written while in lockdown and isolation. Displaced Dreams seeks our shared humanity. It tells the story of people who flee their ancestral homelands because of war, unbearable hardship, oppression and poverty, desperate to find a safe land and follow their dreams.

Michalis Kouloumis was born in Cyprus to a musical family. His music carries elements from Ottoman Classical music as well as musical traditions of the Eastern Mediterranean (Arabic, Turkish and Greek).
Four highly acclaimed musicians will perform along with him on stage: Efren Lopez, Christos Barbas, Nikos Avgoustides and Ruven Ruppik.
The concert is dedicated to all people who fight for their very existence and survive. 

Line Up:
Efren Lopez – oud, baglama, lute, rabab (Spain)
Christos Barbas – ney, piano (Spain / Greece)
Nikos Avgoustides – double bass (Netherlands / Greece)
Ruven Ruppik – riq, bendir, cajon, cymbals, udu (Netherlands / Germany)
Michalis Kouloumis – violin, viola, voice (Cyprus / Netherlands)



Saturday 06 March 2021

Live from 8:00pm (online)
The (live) stream can then be watched for another 48 hours (from Sat 6 Mar. at 10:00pm to Mon. 8 Mar. at 10:00pm). Keep in mind that you also need a ticket for this postponed viewing.

Basic rate € 5.00
Opportunity rate € 1.00 via Tickets Gent 09/2250101 or
You will receive your ticket by e-mail. Click through it, create an account and enjoy the show.


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