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a happy spring song for a new dawn

Winter is almost over and spring is coming.  It is a time of hope, joy and happiness! Everything is reborn and the day is as long as the night. Luiz Márquez and his band offer their sounds as a musical protection in these troubled times. 

“We have suffered months of darkness because of this pandemic, but we know that the rain and the rays of the sun will make life sprout from the earth again.  So we too will be reborn! Let us celebrate the fertility of the earth together with music, dance, Aztec poetry, sculpture and film.”
(Luiz Márquez)

Luiz Márquez: compositions, ethnic flutes , saxophone and harmonica
Renato Márquez: violin & percussion
Cachi Acosta: percussion
Eduardo Vega: guitar
Alan Gevaert: bass
Osiris Quetzalpapalotl: dance
Xólotl Martinez: voice
Américo Pinares: sculpture
Pol Segers: sound designer

Today Luiz Márquez and his companions conclude a series of work sessions that they have held in De Centrale. What is filmed, recorded and live streamed here will be further processed into a concert video in the course of next week. 


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