One thinks right away “girl sings in French,  here and there accordion… it cannot be anything else but French chanson”. Those who would only visit this group for that reason should not bother. Le Grand Bateau produces  a very own sound with influences from different currents. Labeling or categorizing their music is no sinecure and actually impossible. Although some tracks sound very vivid, they are accompanied by rather melancholic lyrics. The inspiration for the songs , as often in songwriting, is taken from personal experiences or stories that are absorbed  ‘at the bar’ or in a conversation. Although the songs are often about people, they especially  visualize a true emotion( en gij nu). Behind every façade there is a story.  Despite this contradiction and divergence, there is a sauce that binds everything together. That sauce is prepared by the group members in an informal way. The very interesting character of the songs itself arises from the different lifestyle(s), attitudes, characters, and musical taste of the group members. This is what the music thanks its complexity to…. But to put it in different words : they specially bring beautiful, true and vivid songs. A pleasure to listen to, a feast for the eyes.  They are neither black, nor white… rather grey ( like our weather).  Therefore they bring you: “ Chanson Belge”

Yves Meersschaert (piano and capitain) | Aster Van Vaerenbergh (vocals) | Thomas Noël (guitar)


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