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La Dame Blanche

Yaite Ramos Rodriguez is singer, flute player and percussionist. Stage animal and born as a genuine musician. She’s the newest big name in the Afro-Latin cross-over music range. Her father is none other than trombone player Jesús "Aguaje" Ramos, artistic director of the legendary Buena Vista Social Club.

But his beloved daughter doesn’t like coloring between the lines. She rigidly chooses her own path of innovation, and enriches her music gratefully with the amazing legacy she was raised with. Her fusión de ritmos y estilos refers subtly to traditional Cuban salsa mixed with cumbia, on a solid basis of contemporary dance rhythms such as hiphop, dancehall, moombahton and reggaetón. She was working for years with Sergent Garcia, one of the biggest names of all times in Latin music, before starting her own project. "La Dame Blanche" is a collaboration between artists and producers from GOTAN PROJECT Official, Control Machete, El Hijo de la Cumbia Official and Orishas. Their two recent albums leave an inerasable mark on the world map, and now they're ready to conquer our region.

Mnsr Zéro

Mnsr zér0 combines an expanded music collection from all quarters of our planet with traditional clubmix techniques. The sum of classical beatmatching and unconventional dancetunes results in a unique sound.

His sets are surprising blends of greasy balkan with a crazy gipsy wink, super tight electric cumbiabeats on eclectic afrolatinoriffs, hot Spanish nuevo flamenco melting on übercooled Scandinavian swinghip-hop, rumba Catalána versus African clubzouk, contagious ska infecting French jazz manouche, solid reggaetón devouring fragile tango, Arabian raps clashing with uptempo klezmer. His mixes always feature an exciting variety of rhythms and are a real relief for people addicted to dancing and searching for challenges beyond the simple beats of shallow radio hit music.

Get ready to dance your heart out.



Friday 14 October 2016

8:00 - 9:00 PM dansworkshop reggaetón
9:00 - 10:30 PM concert La Dame Blanche
10:30 - ...  party mnsr zér0 dj-set

presale €13 | reduction (uitpas) €10
at the door: €15 (€5 party)

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