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Kwame Mulzz & The Band ft. Eduard Buadee ♡ AFRO HEARTBEAT

Afro Heartbeat Spinoff (#3)

Kwame Mulzz & The Band ft. Eduard Buadee

After the Launch of “Kumasi 2 Europa” Ep at the Centrale in 2018, Kwame teamed up with Kasper Van De Ponseele to form Kwame Mulzz and The Band. They play Ghanaian Pop music influenced by Disco chords to Rap mixed with Blues, Reggae & Dub.
The Band is a continuous fusion of so many genres which they connect through Rap.
Their new Album “Europa 2 Kumasi” drops on the 19th of April 2021 (a couple of days before the concert). 

Special guest Eduard Buadee is of course known - especially for the boomers among us - from the legendary reggae group The Skyblasters.


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