German-English-Israeli-Turkish jazz quartet

KUHN FU is an international and multicultural quartet that plays a fusion of jazz and rock with added elements of blues, psychedelia, jazz avant-garde and classical/contemporary music. The basis of their intense and groovy music is carefully constructed rhythms, a large dynamic span, and a strong melodic feeling. Founded in 2012 in Groningen Netherlands, the band has been very active over the years, touring in 11 countries and playing over 130 concerts. The music is written by German composer/guitarist Christian Kuhn, the melodic work is done by Israeli bass clarinetist Ziv Taubenfeld and the rhythm section is driven by Turkish bassist Esat Ekincioglu and English drummer George Hadow.

"the chief attraction lies in the mash-up of genres—punk, funk, classical, folk, metal/grunge, marching music, spoken word (and probably more)—and the easy precision with which the group negotiates the incessant rapid-fire changes, from chugging power riffs to plaintive themes, from aggressive screams to gentle whispers."
The New York City Jazz Record
"Kuhnspiracy is an incredibly focused work, a commendable take on programmatic writing utilising multiple music blends...an aural kaleidoscope, often mentally exhaustive yet feeling quite pertinent within the current jazz climate."Jazz Journal

"...a band who can create the most genuinely paranoid, unhinged atmosphere, all black and blue, smokescreens and daggers in the dark, while still preserving a faint pulse of humor throughout the album" www.arcticdrones.com

"From existentialism to metaphysics; this music has everything in it related to life" Cumhuriyet


Christian Achim Kühn
is the founder of this ensemble. Is he the fish or the legs? Or simply the disorder? Time will surely show….He is a 35 year old guitarist-composer and aficionado of orchestral music born in Cologne, Germany. Because of his post romantic stress disorder he is in constant search for string players. If you happen to be one give him a call and you might be in the centre of grand plans. He is known for his entertaining stage talk and within the band for his not so entertaining stressing.

Ziv Taubenfeld
Ziv Taubenfeld ( 31 ) is a bass clarinet player from Karmiel, Israel. He is the leader of the great Trio BONES ( Leo Records ) and a very active figure in the Amsterdam Improvisation Scene. His intense playing style demands a lot of nutrition, which makes our touring a constant search for food with some occasional musical entertainment in between. Besides music and food he is a married man, smoking a funny pipe and letting sentences full of wisdom out of his hairy head.

Esat Ekincioglu
Esat Ekincioglu ( 27 ) is our big baba bass of the band and was born in Istanbul, Turkey. He leads his own Ethno Jazz Trio AVA and is the bass player of Hiske Oosterwijk’s EVA. Despite being a musician he is also a tough business man, that’s why we appointed him as band manager. Another asset to the band is his big blue car Günter, which he likes to drive fast and that makes our touring possible but sometimes also dangerous.

George Hadow
George Hadow ( 25 ) is the new drummer of KUHN FU, replacing Lav Kovac who retired from touring so he can focus on his own music and self enlightenment. George is English, very English. He puts vinegar on fries, likes lamb in mint sauce, drinks tea with milk and is very polite at the same time. He is also a great drummer which gave us no choice other than to hire him. So now we have a German-English-Israeli-Turkish outfit and thanks to Brexit, George ads some exotic non European culture to the band.


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