De Bijloke


Hero of the Turkish folkpop

Kubat, son of a Turkish guest worker in Belgium, is now mentioned under the same breath as superstars

like Arif Sag and Belkis Akkale.

Ramazan Kubat( born on the 4th of October 1974  in Antwerp), also known as Kubat, is a Turkish folk singer and composer that distinguishes himself by his special style and applied use of electronic instruments in his songs. Ramazan Kubat is a big name in the Turkish folk-pop. He grew up in Antwerp, as an offspring from the Emirdag Kubat family (with relatives in Ghent, Antwerp and Brussels) and made fame at the beginning of his career as a singer at weddings.
Seven years ago however he definitely choose for a career in Turkey where in the meantime he is vastely popular and sold hundreds of thousands of albums.

I.C.W De Bijloke

The musicians:

Kubat / vocals
Bülent Ay / drums
Yusuf Saglamlar / piano
Can Akın / percussion
Selahattin Güzelel / electric guitar
Ahmet Toprak / bağlama
Murat Açıkalınyiğit / bass guitar
İsmail Derker / electric bağlama
Eyyüp Hamiş / ney
Şükrü Tırkış / clarinet


Saturday 08 September 2018

20:00 - 22:00

Rang 1 € 20,00 | € 18,00 (UiTpas)
kansentarief = € 4,00 (enkel at thedesk)

Rang 2 € 17,00 | € 15,00 (UiTpas)
kansentarief = € 3,40 (only at the desk)


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