Apollo You Sixteen Part II

Music above all!! Music that can afford all freedom like the cross-pollination of rock, electro, groove, flamenco, world, traditional, romantic and Anglo-Saxon music. Music that reconciles passion, spontaneity and honesty, with the only requirement to offer beautiful, pleasant, even genius moments. That is what Karim Baggili and his musicians want to present at De Centrale (Ud Festival) on 26 October: a mix of Karims' two latest albums, Apollo You Sixteen Parts I & II
New compositions, including three songs in English, complement the well-oiled repertoire of the previous album (Apollo You Sixteen Part I). For the first time, the guitarist has afforded this stylistic freedom. And he was absolutely right!
The influence of Arabic music is unmistakably present in all his albums. Lively, refined, anchored in the Jordanian descent of his father. From a few pieces Balkan rhythms and –sounds escape, inspired by the Yuguslav roots of his mother.
Yet Karim Baggili is and remains a musician born and raised in Belgium. His first musical love was Deep Purple, Michael Jackson and Dire Straits. He brings erudite but accessible music, intellectually but still intelligible, world music and at the same time progressive. A bridge between East and West, a journey between world and pop music.
On this new album the arpeggios and the crunchy oed are always prominent, with more room for the voice, which gives an extra dimension to the strange and enchanting musical adventures of Karim Baggili.





Friday 26 October 2018

doors 19:30
concert 20:00

Tickets: € 11 (presale) | € 14 (adk)
UITPAS: € 8 (presale) | € 11 (adk)
UITPAS opportunity rate: € 2,80


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