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Afro Heartbeat Spinoff (#1)

Kabunga - Afro Heart Beat

Kabunga immerses you in the music of the Bwa, a population group from Mali and Burkina Faso. A source of inspiration are the popular "Deni" rhythms that you mainly hear during the dry season - after harvesting, when there is time for relaxation and fun. The literal translation of "Deni" is "Feast of Joy". The style is therefore extremely danceable and exuberant.

Kabunga brings a modern version of the "Deni", combining traditional and modern instruments and interweaving Bwa music with other African rhythms, jazz and blues. The result is a surprising mix, a variation on the well-known afrobeat, which remains faithful to the tradition of the "Deni".

Kabunga is a project by Malian artist Zonatan Dembele, singer-bassist with Rokia Traoré, Ben Zabo and Afrikän Protoköl, among others. With his own project Kabunga, he has already played on various stages in Mali and Belgium (including ENTR and the Les Goûts de Gand festival).

Line up
Zonatan Dembele - vocals & bass
Jonathan Muanza - guitar
Zouratié Koné - percussion
Hadrien Pierson - drums
Werend Van Den Bossche - sax
special guest Kwame Mülzz - rap


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