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Juliana Yazbeck was born in New jersey, USA from Lebanese parents who fled their from civil war torn home country. Later on Juliana moved on a very young age to the after war Lebanon. Her mixed cultural background naturally influences her music as well. Lyrics in English and Arabic treats both gender issues as displacement, identity, racial inequality, war and peace. She mixes, on an exciting way, the classical Arabic oral music traditions with soul, hip hop and slam poetry.
Juliana is known ‘to amaze her audience to silence’by creating an intens musical area of tension between the political nature of her lyrics and the almost transcendental band with her public.

The authoritative British music magazine ‘Blues & Soul’ puts it this way:
“Sinead O' Connor and other such musical activists may have paved the way for her but this girl is going to pull the trigger.”
The 11th of November 2016 Juliana Yazbeck was a guest in Herberg Macharius for the first Belgian edition of AWAN (Arab Women Artists Now) organized by Zephyrus Music, Nakhla vzw and the London Artcenter Arts Canteen (organizer of the original British AWAN project).

Juliana Yazbeck vocals

Antonio Romero percussion

Alexis Kraniou guitar




Friday 13 January 2017

doors 07:30 PM
start concert 08:00 PM

Tickets € 8 (presale) | € 11
UITPAS € 5 (presale) | € 8
UITPAS social  € 2,20

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