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Camiño Live

There is no better association with Santiago de compostela than the word "camiño", especially when it is carried by one of the most proud ambassadors of this beautiful city.
The four enchanting ‘canteiras’ of lalma have been singing  the songs of their birth region Galicia for over 20 years. Out of Brussels, Natalia, Magali, Veronica and Marisol keep in close contact with their region of origin. The Galician traditions and culture are their inexhaustible source of inspiration. A source that allows them to work out a repertoire of singing and dance, rooted in Galicia and adapted to the Brussels environment.

Ialma is witness to the musical and artistic evolution, which began with the spoken Galician tradition, and gradually collapses in a surprising mix with a new generation of rhythms and tendencies. Camiño reflects this unique musical experience based on the culture and traditions of Galicia, mixed with the diversity of our contemporary world.
Camiño is a clear choice for opening towards the other. It is the song of women who testify of today's difficult context, in which respect, tolerance and diversity are challenged on all sides.

The roads that lead to Santiago de Compostella are long and connect different landscapes and peoples from Europe. But for many Galicians who left their country in search of work and freedom, mocked by dictatorship, the hoped pilgrimage is the one who returns them to culture, to the roots, to the identity that offers the people a story.

Line-up :
Vocals : Marisol Palomo, Verónica Codesal, Magali Menendez & Natalia Codesal
Guitar : Quentin Dujardin
Diatonic accordion : Didier Laloy


Since 1991 Voix de Femmes  promotes and defends art made by women across borders. Every two years, the festival Voix de Femmes  lands in Leech( Brussels) and Ghent, and takes you on a journey along contemporary artworks of women, from various disciplines and horizons.

The whole year the association voix de femmes  lives on the rhythm of the project Art & Expression : workshops for women who go through a social and professional reintegration process.


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Thursday 19 October 2017

doors 7:30 PM
concert 8:00 PM

Tickets: € 13 (presale) | € 16
UITPAS: € 10 (presale) | € 13

UITPAS kansentarief: € 3,20



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