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A Global Grooves Party ft. Bleri Lleshi (aka Brussels)


Globalicious  is a unique cultural event and a global grooves party. Philosopher- author auteur Bleri Lleshi (aka DJ Bruselo) launched the Globalicious- concept successfully in his hometown Brussels and had the formula blow over to Ghent, whereas local and international artists and DJ’s bring diffent musical genres, from cumbia and Balkan to arabesque and global funk , from coupe décalé over hip hop , dancehacall, reggae and dabke.
20.00 GlobaTalk  ‘Stop the War on Migrants’
22.00 African dance initiation
23.00 Concert m/ Doylu  ‘Senegal à l’heure Belge’
00.00 After-Party m/ DJ Bruselo

concert DOYLU

Doylu draws on the nostalgic fantasies of the singer-songwriter from Senegal and notorious world citizen Pathé Thiam  and the quirky melancholy from multi-instrumentalist  Koen De Gendt. 
You do not need to know Wolof to be able to read this penetrating music. Pathé Thiam brings his great stories with an impressive voice timbre. The band played a lot of clubs and medium-sized festivals in recent years (Esperanzah, Sfinks, OLT Rivierenhof, DOK, De Casino, Het Bos, Villa Pace, Copacobana, ...). For the song "Japal" they worked together with Sattar Khan (tablas) and Michaël Brijs (flute). Hester Bolle plays violin on "Mbirou Yalla" and Charlotte De Cooman on "Dunya". Later this year the full album of the band will follow.
Pathé Thiam worked with a handful of greats from the Mbalax scene in Dakar. Mbalax is a West African music style from the early 70s that received international recognition through the efforts of, among others, Youssou N'Dour, El Hadji Faye and Maxou Lebougui. For several years he has lived in Belgium and has worked with several top musicians, including composer / musician Michiel De Malsche (A / T / O / S, ...), Koen De Gendt (Yuko ...), Steven Meuleman and Jesse Baart.
You can already listen to the Japal EP on Spotify or Bandcamp.
Sénégal à l’ heure Belge!

GlobalTalk / Stop the War on Migrants

The European arms industry, the migration policy and the opposing forces from the bottom up.
European companies supply weapons to political unrest all over the world. At the same time, the borders of Europe are becoming increasingly locked. The arms industry earns double: once with the delivery of weapons, then with border surveillance. What responsibility does the European arms industry have in migration flows? What mechanisms are behind the militarization of the European migration and security policy? How is it that the arms lobby has such a big influence? Are there no other solutions possible? How can we stop the injustice at our borders?? How can we offer a counterweight to the arms industry?
During this ‘Globa Talk’ we delve the theme with experts, campaign leaders and field workers
( I.C.W Vredesactie Gent)




Saturday 01 December 2018

doors 7:30 PM
start 8:00 PM

Tickets € 10 (presale) | € 13
UITPAS € 7 (presale) | € 10
UITPAS opportunity rate € 2,60


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