FRESKU + support BerryKrimi + DJ Zami Zulu (FutureFantastiC)

#ELEKTRIKBAZAAR hiphop tripple bill - part. III

First he wants to be a singer. Than he dreams of a career as an author, illustrator and actor- all before he even finishes high school. Let it be clear: at very young age already, Roy Michael Reymound (Eindhoven, 26 October 1986) knows that he does not feel very much for a dull office job. He wants to create himself. But he never sees a similar career as a real opportunity for the future. When he begins to rap at the age of fourteen, it is mainly meant as a joke. But, bit by bit he becomes more serious and by the age of twenty ,he forms the group Zwarte Schapen, together with Karimineel. Meanwhile, Fresku makes mocking films all the more often together with some friends – including the director Teemong- he puts on the internet. And eventually follows, end 2008 , the big break-through on both areas. On the one hand, the corniness of the character Gino Pietermaai is embraced by hundreds of thousands of people, on the other hand, the candid songs ‘Brief aan Kees’ and ‘Twijfel’ put Fresku straight away on the map as a unique, personal rapper.
That combination of funny and serious, of wink and frankness, characterizes Fresku’s work. When 2009 sees the release of Fresku’s debut album, this is emphasized: the first single ‘Ik Ben Hier’ for example is about Fresku’s difficult youth and his uncertainties, while de video Kutkop actually shows a very humoristic, scurrilous Fresku. That combination of extremes catches on immediately – and in one blow Fresku belongs to the top of the Dutch hip hop. He describes the time since his breakthrough as ‘a dreamflight’. Rave reviews follow, just as numerous performances, several State Awards, nominations for a 3 voor 12 award, and 3FM awards.

Gradually, Fresku expresses himself more through other art forms. He wants to tell a story, whether it is by making music, a movie, columns, seminars or workshops, he does not care. So, by the end of 2011 he makes his debut as an actor , in the movie New Kids Nitro. With amongst others the character Gino Pietermaai he has a regular feature on television, and there appear even more skits and films online.
This third album is in advance one of the most spoken Dutch language hip hop albums in 2015. It is the extent of its two predecessors. Again, Fresku alternates eagerly and daringly between humor and sincerity, between comic joke and serious story – focusing perhaps more than ever on the seriousness. Fresku himself describes the album ‘nooit meer terug’ as an album that is especially about fear: fear to no longer count as an artist, fear to want too many projects at the same time, fear to fall short as a father, fear to not get along in the media world( ‘the game is dirty’ he raps not without reason on the tittletrack). Meanwhile he is already thinking  laterally about new projects, about the movie he want to make with Teemong, about workshops he needs to give. But the main focus is and remains music, with ‘Nooit méér terug’ as the provisional crown to his work.

In December 2015 Berry Krimi won the second place of the USAF Urban Sport & Art Festival RAP RALLY in De Centrale.  He will be the support act for Fresku!!



Friday 22 April 2016

Doors: 7:30 pm
Start concert: 8:00 pm

Tickets: € 10 (presale) | € 13
UITPAS: € 7 (presale) | € 10
UITPAS kansentarief: € 2,60

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