Eva De Roovere & Mastaki Bafa CANCELLED

A soundtrack of everyday life from Belgium to Congo.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, this concert is unfortunately cancelled.
Anyone who has already bought a ticket will of course be refunded.

EP presentation for the benefit of Medics Without Vacation

Eva De Roovere and Congolese musician Mastaki Bafa are releasing an EP together. Their first single is called Maisha, which means "life" in Swahili.
Despite the serious theme, it is an optimistic song in which life and death dance around each other.
It has become a multilingual album: Eva De Roovere sings in Dutch and French, Mastaki Bafa in French and Swahili.
The production is in the hands of Michel Bisceglia who nicely blends North and South. The result is a beautiful music collage that will hopefully linger for a long time to come.
The idea grew out of conversations between Eva De Roovere and Rik Vereecken (volunteer at Medics Without Vacation). Rik got to know Mastaki Bafa during one of his work sessions in Congo and introduced the two artists to each other. Soon there was a click.
Seized by the work of the NGO Medics Without Vacation, they decided to donate the proceeds of their EP to charity.
Thank you Eva De Roovere and Mastaki Bafa for releasing your EP 'Maisha' for the benefit of Medics Without Vacation!


Trailer Maisha

Eva De Roovere

Everybody knows Eva De Roovere from the folk rock group Kadril, from Oblomow and from “Kleine Blote Liedjes”. But especially from her poppy solo work: her debut album “De jager”, followed by “Over & Weer”, a third album “Mijn Huis” and “Viert”, which coincides with the poetry collection "Positron". Her music receives platinum and triple gold awards and she is number 1 with Diggy Dex in the Dutch charts with "Slaap Lekker", his remix of "Fantastig Toch". In the meantime she has written a book full of letters, released 3 albums in English and is working hard on a new repertoire. La Loba is her latest brainchild. A real singer/songwriter record rooted in folk. Eva tours solo or with a band, with her own work and with various projects, through Belgium and the Netherlands.

Mastaki Bafa

Mastaki Bafa is a Congolese singer/songwiriter and gifted guitarist. He comes from Bukavu, in the east of the DRC, an area where it has been unsettled for many years.  Bafa's life history is reflected in his music; his upbringing by his mother and contact with many cultural communities have given his music a specific character. Much of his music is inspired by the traditional singing of women, and has a lovely, harmonious character. At other times, Bafa tries to connect various musical traditions, so that the arrangements sometimes resemble musical collages. That does not alter the fact that Bafa has found its own fusion of styles, very different from the soukous guitar hectic that we usually associate with Kinshasa. Bafa does ensure that his music remains danceable with a similar swing. The cultural diversity of Congo is particularly evident in his music.

Medics Without Vacation makes hospitals in Africa grow.

Medics Without Vacation represents a dynamic network of 600 doctors, nurses and paramedics from Belgium and Africa, who work to improve care in forty African partner hospitals. These experts assist their colleagues at the operating table, in the hospital ward or in the lab. Through continuous professional training, medical equipment and infrastructure work, Medics Without Vacation helps hospitals in Benin, Burundi, Burkina Faso, Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda grow towards a high-quality and patient-centered medical care. In doing so, the NGO takes maximum account of local specificities, capacity and the rapidly changing context in the field.  Medics Without Vacation goes for sustainable solutions: together they make a difference and realize an impact. The evolution of each partner hospital is closely monitored for years and the best moment is when Medics Without Vacation is no longer needed somewhere. When the exchange of knowledge really heals.




Friday 24 September 2021
doors 7:30 pm
concert 8:00 pm
concert night € 14
presale € 11
opportunity rate € 2,80

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